FAQ – Questions + Answers

1. What is a live escape game? When was it invented?

During the mid 2000's game developers transformed the virtual point and click adventure, where a lone fighter must solve various puzzles to get to the next level, into a real life parlour game. That was the birth of live escape games in the US and Japan. Ever since then more and more people go on scavenger hunts to experience the computer game as a fun and social leisure time activity in reality. Nowadays the game concept, also called "live exit game" or "room escape adventure", is spreading all over the world.


2. How does a live escape game work? Are there different levels of difficulty?


A live escape game consists of a locked room, in which various notes, puzzle pieces and other items need to be found or certain logic or combinatoric riddles need to be solved. Final goal of the game is to unravel all riddles within 60 minutes. Only then will you be able to disclose the final secret of the game scenario. Depending on the group size the level of difficulty of certain riddles can be increased (for large groups) or decreased (for small groups).

3. How many people can play a game? Are there any restrictions?

2 to 6 people can play a ONE WAY OUT game simultaneously. Everybody at the age of 16 or above, who likes to play sociable and fun strategy games and is not afraid of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), can participate in a ONE WAY OUT game. However an adult must be present for children and adolescents under the age of 16.

NOTE: Wheelchairs can not participate in the game for safety and insurance reasons. We cannot provide barrier-free access to our games on the first floor and spatial bottlenecks might occur during the game.


4. Do we need specific knowledge, experience or some kind of special equipment?

Not at all! No special knowledge, no game experience or special preparations are necessary to play the game. No special equipment needs to be brought with you. Only a good mood, curiosity and punctuality are required for a successful game.


5. What will happen, if we do not solve the puzzle in the time permitted?

If you and your team are not able to solve the puzzle within 60 minutes...well, you will have to figure that one out by yourself.

6. Where can we find ONE WAY OUT and how do we get to you the fastest?

ONE WAY OUT is located in the Königstraße 2 (Hamburg-Altona), right next to the bus stop S-Bahn Reeperbahn and next to the entrance to the Penny supermarket. The entrance to the S-Bahn station Reeperbahn is also right outside the front door.

Several paths lead to ONE WAY OUT (please also take a closer look at Google Maps):

a) Take the S-Bahn lines S1, S2 or S3 to the station Reeperbahn and then follow the exit signs to Nobistor.
b) Take the HVV bus lines 36, 37, 111 or 283 to the bus stop S-Bahn Reeperbahn.
c) Parking spaces in the car park underneath the Zleep Hotel are also available. Here you can park up to one hour for free.

Use the lift to the Penny supermarket, take the left exit towards Königstraße and the bus stop S-Bahn Reeperbahn and then ring the door bell at the entrance right next to the supermarket.


7. Do you offer the live escape game in more than one language?

Yes, our games are offered in German and for all foreign people and international tourists in English.

8. How can I book a game?

Click on the "Tickets" button and select one of the appointments available in the calendar. All available dates are highlighted in green, all previously booked appointments are shaded in gray.

a) Click on the button of the desired date, which is still available.
b) Specify the name, email address and telephone number of the person liable for payment.
c) Select the group size and associated price category from the drop-down menu.

d) adopt the contact details of the person liable for payment.
d) Select the desired payment method and click on the "Next" button afterwards.
e) Check all information concerning persons, contact details and payment method and then press the "Next" button to confirm the booking.

9. How and where can we pay? What types of payment do you offer?

We offer the following types of payment via the "bookingkit" booking system:

a) Payment by creditcard - VISA or MASTERCARD

b) Payment by the SOFORT Überweisung - An immediate bank transfer system.

c) Paymnent by regular bank transfer

d) Payment by voucher

e) Payment by PAYPAL

10. Do you offer vouchers at ONE WAY OUT?

Yes, you can buy vouchers via the "Tickets" button.

11. How and where can we contact you, if we have any further questions?

You can contact us any time via e-mail: info@one-way-out.de

You can contact us during our opening hours from Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. till 10 p.m. as well as on Saturday and Sunday from 12 a.m. till 11:30 p.m. via the following number in Hamburg:

Phone: 040 - 466 39 116

Our postal address is:

Audax Entertainment GmbH
Hahnenfußweg 2
22589 Hamburg

12. What will happen at ONE WAY OUT in the near future? Is there a newsletter?

Yes, a lot is going to happen in the near future. Our third game will open in a few weeks and then there are regular campaigns for corporate clients and individuals in the upcoming months. Soon there will also be a newsletter, which you can order from us via e-mail info@one-way-out.de. All other information on news and special offers will be provided on our website.

13. I'm a total live escape game fan! Do you search for new employees?

Yes, as soon as we open the third game we will need reinforcement for our young team. More details will be posted on our website soon.