Jimmy is suddenly missing! Your beloved puppy dog has been gone for days. No one has seen him and no one seems to be able to help you. An anonymous call leads you on the trail of a strange old lady. You have a very bad feeling about it and alert your friends. Together you will drive to Dornenweg 23.


A short time later you and your friends stand in front of the condominium's caretaker and he starts telling you about the strange new neighbour. Although Gertrude T. has been living here only for a few weeks, ever since she has arrived nothing seemed to be as before. Whimpering noises and foul smells are penetrating from her apartment during the day. Pets are disappearing from the neighbourhood at night.

What has happened here? Did Jimmy actually fall into the clutches of Gertrude T.? What can an old lady do with a young puppy dog? And who the hell is Gertrude T. anyway?

Before you are even able to figure out what happened, the caretaker closes the door behind you ... Now you have to work together (2 to 6 persons) to solve the mystery inside the STRANGE NEIGHBOUR´s apartment.


WARNING! Gertrude T. seems to be dangerous and unpredictable. She will come back to her apartment in one hour. You must be gone by then. Are you ready for the ultimate riddle? Will you find the ONE WAY OUT in 60 minutes?

NOTE: This mission is not suitable for children under the age of 14 or people with weak nerves. We ask for your understanding.

RAZZIA ON BOARD – Live Escape Game



Port of Hamburg. Your first operation as a water police official involves considerable risks. A container ship from Odessa is located at Europe Quay since yesterday. An informant has told you that illegal goods are stored on board, which have been smuggled out of Eastern Europe to Hamburg.

Are the Russian Mafia or the Ukrainian Secret Service responsible? Time is short and you have to act now. You and your colleagues enter the ship without a search warrant. Your goal is to gather enough evidence on board to incriminate the culprits.

As soon as you arrive on deck the real problems start. Was the informant really a reliable source? How do you get into the captain's cabin without leaving a trace? Are you and your friends the only ones on this ship? And where do these irritating noises come from?

Only two minutes have passed and the first sea gulls are already yelling above your heads ... Now you must work together as a group (2 to 6 people) and connect all the pieces to solve the mystery successfully.


WARNING! The ship crew seems to be armed and highly dangerous. They will be back on board in an hour. You need to gather all incriminating evidence as fast as possible. Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Will you find the ONE WAY OUT in 60 minutes?

PROJECT 2050 – Live Escape Game



After a failed attempt at creating "Biosphere 2" there are new opportunities waiting for the ailing research complex in the Arizona desert. Biotech billionaire Brian McDonald bought the artificial ecosystem to cultivate new plants and animals, reduce greenhouse gases as well as establish a new legal form for the future.


But before McDonald can realize his utopian visions, strange deaths occur in "Biosphere 3". Initial investigations of local authorities lead nowhere, but leave many questions unanswered.


What happened to the participants of "Project 2050"? Was it a series of unfortunate circumstances or a strategically planned mass murder? Who could be behind this? And why has the project leader McDonald disappeared?


Now it is up to the FBI to solve the case and you have to prove yourself worthy of the task.

The entrance gate of "Biosphere 3" closes behind you and you have 60 minutes to figure out what really happened behind the scenes of "Project 2050".


WARNING! Since you have no official search warrant, you must secure all necessary evidence before the security update is completed and the alarm system is reactivated. Are you ready for the ultimate mystery? Can you find the ONE WAY OUT?